Welcome to our store, SVG Massive!

I came to this job by chance. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics Investment 5 years ago. After a long time working for big companies in my field, I realized my great passion is computers, especially Adobe Illustrator and CS6 or Photoshop software to create and edit photos, posters or logos.  These softwares’ new tools evolve from year to year, and their intricacy has always made me interested. 


After a period of working part-time and gaining more experience in this field. I have decided to open my own shop to sell creative design files. I had numerous challenges and problems when starting a new job, but I always strive to overcome them. Because I want to turn my DREAM into REALITY.

If you have any problems with crafts, designing, new ideas svg files or finding it difficult to use them on drawings, posters, decals or prints, please contact me via Facebook or email, and I will do my best to support you.

In this epidemic, I sell a range of art designs with low-cost instant digital downloads, which I update each day. In these designs jointly let’s enjoy delight.